The Kartoffelbällchen Secret – Preview

Excerpt of „The Kartoffelbällchen Secret“

Cover draft "The Kartoffelbällchen Secret", Foto: iStock, FotografiaBasica
Cover draft „The Kartoffelbällchen Secret“, Foto: iStock, FotografiaBasica

„Closer to the truth than the author is aware“ – a trusted source

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She was the work of two livelong underestimated spies who left no trace nor files because it wasn’t a secret but a totally private matter. And most of the honor belonged to the British. Obviously, he had done what he had promised, what he had – to be exact – bet on twenty years ago.

“We actually did it! We made Her chancellor“, Andrew repeated already with a further cheer on his lips.

“You did not. You’ve lost, old pal!”

“I’ve lost? What did you take this morning? She’s been in the news long before the elections and you always knew that She never would have come that far without my little tricks. Besides, she already makes us sick in London, at least folks in Number Ten – every time she folds her hands the style She was taught. She’s made it! Or should I say, She was made to make it? You’ve been always in the picture. Don’t fool me. It’s payday, Lee! Where’s the attaché case? Where’s the money?”

Lee N. had known the day would come and for the first time in his lousy career he was prepared for a meeting. The reason for his unusual diligence was simple. He could not effort nearly two Million US Dollars for a lost bet. Now it was time to begin his prepared speech:

“She might be the daughter of a Protestant priest but She’s certainly not from Mecklenburg as you promised back then.”

“I remember the words.”

“I ­– you – can make a pastor’s daughter from a Mecklenburg village chancellor of Germany. That’s exactly what you bet on, Mr. Bond!” Lee N. grinned.

“That’s exactly what we did.”

“No! You unlucky bastards have picked a girl from Uckermark. This swath of land in the Soviet Zone might be just as dead as Mecklenburg and nearby but it’s certainly not the same.“

Andrew who already stood to sing “God Save The Queen” sat down.

Both still referred to German districts, even Bavaria, as occupation zones, as if they had not lost theirs as well as the Soviets did. Somehow the Americans managed to stay in the barracks. But that was another conversation.

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Do you want to learn more? There are a couple of questions. How did She become Chancellor? Which strings pulled Andrew to make it happen? What tried Lee N. to prevent it? How came the German Soccer team in play?

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Characters so far:

  • She

Is She Her? Who really knows? Andrew does.

  • Andrew

A part-time, half retired agent of Her Majesty who is on a mission. He made the daughter of a Protestant pastor from Mecklenburg (or Uckermark) Chancellor because of a silly bet with Lee N.

  • Lee N.

A not yet retired CIA loser who wanted to prevent Andrew’s mission from being successful because there is something at stake. Exactly 1.2 Mio. British Pounds from the first bet he ever committed in his live. The only secret he really dealt with in his Berlin days was Tanja or Veronika.

  • Tanja or Veronika

An East-German working girl with Czech origin. She serves Zigeunerschnitzel Kartoffelbällchen and more. You’ll love her more than Andrew and Lee N. ever did!

  • Taxi Driver

A man who drives a Taxi, obviously. Strange to say why he and his Wolga cab were always on the spot to chauffeur CIA and MI6 agents through East-Berlin. Even stranger is why this remains after re-unification and the swap to Mercedes.

Besides, I am willing to mention Daimler and Marlboro more often for a product placement deal – or switch to Audi and West. Got a taste? 😉

  • Dr. Ackermeier

A Stasi officer who manages the rise to State Secretary, Federal Interior Ministry in the post Communism era. Did you read a line of him until now? No? Believe me, he’s already present between them. This is how Stasi works – or would you say “worked”? No, it still does.

  • Timelines

We start nowadays, jump back to spring 1990 when Stasi was gone but GDR still alive and Eastern money was not yet converted to Deutschmarks. The journey will take us to certain occasions from 1978 until now. Some of these events where in the news. It ends around 2010.

About me:

My name is Mathias Priebe. For 30 years now I observed the transfer from Communism to Capitalism in East-Germany where I was born. I am in the book with certain episodes. But I will hide them behind certain imaginary figures. I write this book exclusively in English because I’m afraid She could lose the next election through my trade otherwise.